Bitcoin Is Apparently A Rich, White, Male Disaster

By Mark Gongloff,

Heres more proof that women make better investors than men: Its quite likely that almost no women lost any Bitcoins in the great Mt. Gox meltdown of 2014.

Thats because almost no women own Bitcoins at all, according to a new online survey of Bitcoin users by Simulacrum, the blog of Lui Smyth, a researcher at University College London. About 93 percent of the crypto-currencys users are male, according to Smyths latest survey, which is still ongoing. This survey hasnt yet hit a representative sample, but last years survey of 1,000 users came up with a 95-percent male demographic.

The results suggest that Bitcoin has alienated women just as much as the two worlds it inhabits, finance and technology. This is good news for women, who have avoided a string of Bitcoin debacles, including the collapse of Mt. Gox, once the worlds biggest Bitcoin exchange, which recently admitted it had lost more than $400 million worth of Bitcoins, maybe forever, to theft. But it is probably not healthy for Bitcoin.