“ œTHE FIRST An ASIC Miner to be sold without Pre-order!

26 September 2013 | Derek N. |

bitfuryWe all remember the resentment about awful delays with the shipment allowed by the pioneers of the ASIC-chips-miners market. And though a lot of new players are already on the field, the issue of trust is still the most important one. The history repeats itself but now with the 28 nm chips. The sonorous advertising promos, buyers protection programs, beneficial pricing proposals are about to become a lingering project trusted by credulous clients. Although they only want to mine.

Bitfury introduce to you THE FIRST, the first miner being sold without pre-order. FURIOUS MINERS, the company that uses Bitfury 55 nm, cared about getting miner production done long before its market announcement. So, what is THE FIRST?

THE FIRST is the original model of Bitcoin ASIC-miner made by FURIOUS MINERSTM in close collaboration with REALAB. Both companies are official members of FAST&FURIOUS FAMILY, which is an organization facilitating Bitfury ASIC-chip and all its future development undertakings.


To see whats inside THE FIRST take a look on this article token from the official blog of the producer.

Capable of giving the raw mining power in the range of 460 “ 520 GHps, THE FIRST consumes from 800 to 1000 Watt @ 220V. This gives 1.6 “ 2.0 Watt per GHps, which is an excellent result for such a massive unit with passive cooling that efficiently works in the temperature range of 40C “ 60C.

It is also the first ever mining device that uses 6U in the rack and still looks excellent with its stylish steel chassis. Due to its strict design ideas you will not find any unnecessary detail on it, and that means there is no need in anything except Ethernet cable and power cord in order to use the miner.

Some words about the way THE FIRST is controlled. It is made for the ease of use and due to the cross platform SSH protocol it is fully abstracted from the system, on which your controlling PC will work. It also gives the end-user the security layer and useful remote control over your FIRST mining farm.

Whether it will be your first miner or not, it will be the last to die since it has enough power efficiency to serve longer than you expect. Have a quick payback and the significant revenue with THE FIRST.


THE FIRST from FURIOUS MINERS are exclusively sold at, an e-commerce site featuring all the up-to-date Bitfury products. The price is 160BTC as for the date of writing this article, however it is reduced each week to meet Bitcoin difficulty realities. The miners are already in stock and can be delivered next day after payment confirmed.

THE FIRST is already waiting to mine at your facilities. Sounds interesting? Please visit