I have always been impressed with the idea of Bitcoin and I have persistently been tracking its progress since 2011. Still, being a supporter of one great idea doesn’t get in a way of being a sucker for exploring uncharted territories and I still continue investigating the market and keep track of new perspective digital currencies. That is probably why I’ve got involved with NXT and Ripple and some other cryptocoins called Next Generation.

But however novel and different the concepts of those coins are from Bitcoin still them being non-mineable simply doesn’t jibe with my understanding of how coin should work.

It was around the middle of 2013 that I first stumbled upon CryptoNote technology. Right about that time Gregory Maxwell described his concept of user privacy protection tech called “CoinJoin” and I got interested if anyone else was working on the same issue. Back then the notion of anonymous transactions was not as hyped as it is now and Google search would give me all sorts of anonymity related results but not what I was looking for. It took me awhile before I was able to find the bits of information about CryptoNote and its first implementation, Bytecoin.

Prior to the release of Bitcoin there were a number of ecash technologies starting with the issuer based ecash protocols of David Chaum and Stefan Brands, and moving on to Adam Back’s hashcash, Wei Dai’s b-money and Nick Szabo’s bit-gold. However beautiful these precursor technologies were, they had one thing in common. They lacked the user privacy protection, namely the anonymity feature. And it seems that what everyone was missing had already been up and running in Bytecoin.

The heart of the CryptoNote protocol, which is what Bytecoin relies so heavily on, is its ring signature technology. This scheme makes it possible to sign a message on behalf of a group and while the fact of a transaction taking place is clear, nobody is able to pinpoint the transfer to a specific individual. The CryptoNote protocol also makes it possible for transactions to be untraceable. Payments are split up between multiple one-time addresses that can only be received by the person who has the correct public key. So to estimate the amount of a transaction is virtually impossible.
As opposed to other noteworthy currencies such as NXT and Ripple, Bytecoin has the advantage of a mineable currency. And Bytecoin mining principle is diferrent from the Bitcoin’s one we got used to. The award for each next block is a bit less compared to the previous one. This stepless decrease in award forms a smooth award curve and does not suffer from 50% sharp declines as Bitcoin does.

Another feature that deserves looking into is PoW algorithm CryptoNight. It is memory bound and designed to be suitable for ordinary PC CPUs. Currently no special purpose devices for mining are available. Therefore, CryptoNight can only be CPU/GPU-mined for a few years to come. Although CPU-mining has one potential disadvantage, namely botnets, while looking at the BCN hashrate/difficulty charts I couldn’t find any significant spikes that would indicate presence of botnets.

All that is known about the origin of CryptoNote protocol is that it was developed in 2012 by the members of the community comprised of cryptologists, mathematicians, economists and programmers. As for Bytecoin, it was officially launched on July 4th 2012 and the embryo of its user base that was formed in scientific circles gradually transformed into a more diverse pool of users.

Having followed the development of BTC and BCN for a long time I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any similarities between two. Driven by curiosity I’ve conducted a cursory analysis aiming at uncovering any underlying resemblance. The charts below represent a comparative analysis of transaction history of Bitcoin and Bytecoin in which I have found somewhat interesting characteristics:


The initial bulk of BCN transactions is riddled with abnormalities. It is likely that the very first of them were created deliberately to increase the number of outputs needed in order to enable the anonymity feature in future transactions. Also, growth in transactions volume on initial stages is equally slow on both charts. In case with Bitcoin it could be explained by novelty of the technology i.e. while thousands were aware of the new cryptocurrency only a few dared to become early adopters. The spikes that are clearly visible on both charts (S1, S2 and S3) appear right before the surge in transactions volume and apparently coincide with influx of new users. Trying to draw a parallel between hashrates of BCN and BTC I’ve faced an insurmountable problem since hashrate fluctuation in Bitcoin can be explained by introduction of ASICs and hashrate of CPU-mineable Bytecoin can only be affected by a change in number of users. All in all, BTC and BCN are alike in many ways while differences between them are strictly conceptual.

Bytecoin has been making a significant progress over the last two years, and it has one important feature to offer that Bitcoin unfortunately can’t match. Simply put, Bytecoin offers robust user privacy protection. Development of a user-friendly interface is something that most of the community members are looking forward to and that is what BCN developers’ team should focus on in the nearest future. It is also expected that BCN ecosystem will include versatile merchant solutions and payment systems. One more reason why Bytecoin stands out from the other cryptocurrencies on the market is because it has been around for over two years, which is almost a lifetime for the most of the coins.

It’s been exciting to follow the progression of Bytecoin since it is one of the most mysterious coins to have ever appeared in the crypto realm. I realize that my brief article only slightly opened that veil of secrecy that mysteriously covers this currency. I myself still have no clear image and I guess only a dozen people really has. And I continue following further development of Bytecoin since I know that it’s only the top of an iceberg.


bviewsInside Bitcoins Las Vegas is just around the corner! The event, which will take place October 5-7 at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, will feature 35 informational sessions, over 70 speakers, 4 keynotes, and a half day of workshops!

The conference will focus on how cryptocurrency has been affecting the payments industry, covering a wide range of topics including mainstream adoption, compliance, bitcoin startups, investing, mining, altcoins, equipment, and more. The first 300 paid attendees will receive US$50 in bitcoin.

New to Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas will be a half day of small classroom-style workshops taught by cryptocurrency leaders, which will provide attendees with an interactive, informative setting to learn about various facets of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Recently announced is a keynote by Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, who will be leading a session titled, “Cryptosecurities: the Next Decentralized Frontier” on October 6 at 3:30pm. Byrne will also be making an exciting announcement at the event regarding Overstock’s latest development on the Bitcoin front.

Featured speakers include:

  • Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock.com
  • Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Bobby Lee, CEO, BTC China & Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Daniel Larimer, Founder, Bitshares.org
  • Matt Slater, CEO, Hedgy

And many more! See the full roster of speakers here. 

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Rhino-Labs-550x200HONG KONG, CHINA — SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 — Rhino Labs, a registered Hong Kong Technology company, has announced the launch of their new Custom built ASIC Mining Rig called the RL-M5.

Design for this custom built mining machine started in September, 2013 after a client of the company commissioned a very powerful mining rig with very specific requirements. From this project, the RL-M5 was born. The RL-M5 has the following specifications:
5 GH/S mining of any Scrypt algorithm (5.000.000 kh/s) ±8% speed variance
9 kW/H of power from the wall
Form Factor: Stand Alone Unit
Dimensions: 1700mmx550mmx550m
Weight: 65 Kg (143 lbs)
Operational Requirements: +20°C…+35°C
Humidity: 20%-80%
Works on custom build chips on 28nm technology
On board RAM: 8GB
Web-Interface is available for setup and monitoring of mining process
2 RJ45 connections for main and backup unit connectivity
Wifi module upon request.

Rhino Labs also offers hosting of the mining rigs in their data-centers, and cloud mining contracts on the powerful Scrypt Mining Rigs. The components of the RL-M5 are all very modernized to offer an incredibly high hash-rate on Scrypt based coins. Customers who order with Bitcoin or Litecoin will receive a 10% discount on their order compared to the full price with a bank transfer. Rhino Lab’s new Scrypt Mining Rig offers an excellent hash rate for an excellent price. All chips in the ML-R5 are developed exclusively by Rhino Labs.

About Rhino Labs
Rhino Labs is a registered Technology company Located in Hong Kong. In addition to the RL-M5 Mining Rig, Rhino Labs also offers a variety of high-tech products including subsystems, modules, and robots.
For more information on Rhino Labs or the RL-M5 Scrypt Mining Rig, please visit http://www.rhinoceroslabs.com/ or call Rhino Labs at +852 8191 5145, Ext 2805 or emailsales@rhinoceroslabs.com

anycoin-direct-makes-bitcoin-available-all-over-europe-01Veghel, Netherlands – September 23, 2014 – Anycoin Direct has created a platform that makes Bitcoin available for everyone around Europe.

Anycoin Direct is a Dutch Bitcoin company that sells Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which started out in April 2013 under the name Bitplaats. Bitplaats soon became a trusted and appreciated partner on the Dutch Bitcoin market. We are among the cheapest Bitcoin vendors in the Netherlands and, just like the cryptocurrency market itself, we are always on the move changing for the better. As a result, Anycoin Direct has already traded over 25.000 Bitcoin.

Two months ago Anycoin Direct launched its new website (“Anycoindirect.eu”). Anycoin Direct allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using direct online payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay and Mybank) or SEPA bank transfers. Because those payment methods are supported, the services of Anycoin Direct are available in all SEPA countries.

The main focus of Anycoin Direct lies on speed and ease of use. As soon as we receive a successful payment, the coins will automatically be sent to the customer’s address. In case of a SEPA order, the coins will be sent once your transfer has reached our bank account. Using our services, people can buy and receive cryptocurrency within 5 minutes.

Anycoin Direct understands that many people do not fully comprehend Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is for this reason that Anycoin Direct offers live support through a chat on our website, and as a result the customer service at Anycoin Direct belongs to the best in the industry.

Please visit our website for more information: Anycoindirect.eu




September, 9th , 2014 — Bitcoin Innovations LTD has announced the launch of the new crypto currency market exchange with broad variety of fiat money, digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and altcoins, as well as mining contracts.

Bitok.com claims to be the easiest and most user-friendly exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform keeps up with anonymity, essential for Bitcoin, thus no documents are required for registration and trading. Users are free to choose various payment systems for deposits and withdrawals, such as OkPay, Egopay, Perfect Money, or use wire transfers.  Bitok.com plans to add new payment systems to the exchange constantly.

Both pro traders and beginners should benefit from using  Bitok.com, as there are numerous tools and features they might appreciate: the site shows the current Bitcoin exchange rate, market volume and depth, trade history and dynamics. Instant Bitcoin purchase is a special option aimed to help novices to start trading immediately without any hassle.

Trading with  Bitok.com is really profitable due to opportunity of simultaneous Bitcoin trading and mining, possible through trading mining contracts (MCs) or GHS (Gigahash per second).

Each MC equals 10 GHS. During the first 30 days since launch of  Bitok.com, one MC will cost $30. Later, MCs will be traded on the market and their price will be estimated according to demand and supply. When purchasing MCs, cloud-based mining power will mine Bitcoins on the largest and most trusted pool — GHash.IO, due to partnership between Bitok.com and

CEX.IO Bitcoin Crypto Exchange and cloud mining provider. The contract expires in one year, and  Bitok.com promises to buy it from the user at the market price.

Officially registered in London,  Bitok.com claims to be a highly secure service for trading cryptocurrencies and commodities, resistant to attacks. To exclude any fraud attempts, users are recommended to enable the Two-Factor Authentication on their accounts. If needed, detailed logs of users’ actions are available to investigate any issues.

Should user face issues,  Bitok.com’s professional support service is always ready to help via ticket system and live chat.

To learn more about the service please visit https://bitok.com/.

About Bitok.com

Bitok.com is a fast, smart, simple and safe platform for trading digital crypto currencies and mining contracts. The company is officially registered in London, UK, and is aiming to be the most reliable and risk-free place for buying and selling Bitcoin.

Visit http://www.bitok.com for more information

Contact details


Bitcoin innovations LTD, Great Britain

5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG

Tel: 020 3608 8971s


PR department

PR manager

Jen Miller

Email: PR@bitok.com

bviewsBitcoin Views is excited to be partnering with Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo, which will be returning to Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel on October 5-7, 2014!

The event will explore the way that cryptocurrency has been affecting the payments industry, and will cover a wide range of topics including mainstream adoption, compliance, bitcoin startups, investing, mining, altcoins, equipment, and more. The first 300 paid attendees will receive US$50 in bitcoin.

New to Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas will be a half day of small classroom-style workshops taught by cryptocurrency veterans, which will provide attendees with an interactive, informative setting to learn about various facets of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Session Topics Include:

  • Afternoon Keynote, The Tremendous Rise of the Bitcoin Industry, with Bobby Lee, CEO, BTC China and Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation
  • How to Win the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem, with Jaron Lukasiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Coinsetter
  • (Self) Regulating The Bitcoin Industry, with Marc Barach, CMO, Jumio

And many more! See full agenda here. 

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SecuraCoin Rectangle LogoToronto, Canada: August 21, 2014 – SecuraCoin has launched the world’s first physical retail bitcoin trade network specializing in servicing money service businesses (MSBs) and other brick and mortar stores.  Providing top-level compliance training and software solutions to their Agents, SecuraCoin launched on August 20th with an initial network of locations focusing on the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

SecuraCoin, which provides its Agents the ability to Buy, Sell, Accept and BitZipp bitcoin (send to SMS or E-Mail addresses worldwide), will shortly be expanding its service offerings to include an online buy & sell service, integrated mobile applications as well as grow its retail Agent network outside of the Toronto area.

Offering in-person instant digital currency services and catering to both new users and veteran traders, SecuraCoin is taking the initiative of not only providing educational material for its beginner end user clients, but also stating it will be offering new digital currency retail services based on block chain technology that it is developing.

Not only is SecuraCoin providing services to its own Agents, it is also signing on independent service providers (ISPs) that will benefit from SecuraCoin’s digital currency management system, compliance training and integrated advertising methods in jurisdictions that it currently does not operate in.  These ISPs will have to register as money service businesses in their own local areas, and provide financial relationships themselves, but will operate under the operational oversight and branding of SecuraCoin.

Existing retailers interested in offering SecuraCoin services are urged to register to become an Agent or ISP at their earliest possible time as the typical turnaround and training period can vary according to the individual needs and AML compliance knowledge level of the applicant.  Currently, SecuraCoin has the ability to service both Canadian and U.S retailers as Agents, but will shortly be expanding into the European market as well.

SecuraCoin is a fully registered and AML compliant money service business and bases its model on the training and oversight of its Agent network which will operate under its MSB registration where available.  There are currently three types of retailers it provides services through: existing MSB Agents and Retail Service Businesses (RSBs) who do not currently operate in financial services, as well as Individual Service Providers.  RSBs will be trained by SecuraCoin to offer its services with much lower transaction values and limited options, but after a period of testing and operation, may apply for promotion to become MSB licensed operators offering all levels of SecuraCoin services.

The team behind SecuraCoin comes from varied entrepreneurial experiences including franchise development, print and web media, financial services, B2B/B2C brand development and brings its experience in retail business growth and marketing to the bitcoin industry. Its goal is to increase consumer awareness and knowledge of the advantages of digital currency technologies, make these services more accessible and help businesses integrate these services into their workflows as well.

SecuraCoin has multiple strategic relationships in place inside and outside the digital currency industry, including well known trading platform Buttercoin and others, giving it the ability to execute and scale on its service offerings quickly and efficiently.

Combining both a physical retail trade network and an online service will allow SecuraCoin to bring much needed mainstream accessibility and exposure of the quickly expanding bitcoin space to users from all walks of life.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

To find out more details please visit http://www.securacoin.com or call 1-647-BIT-COIN (248-2646)


chriscowie1219th August 2014, Edinburgh, UK

Today, The Scotcoin Project launched their ScotShop, a new initiative designed to encourage and enable musicians, artists, writers and other creatives to sell their digital work for download, payable, exclusively with Scotcoin.

The first product to be listed will be the latest album from one of the foremost Scottish music producers over the last 20 years, Chris Cowie ft Rai, entitled ‘Blip’, selling for Ⓢ1,000.

Derek Nisbet, Founder of Scotcoin said “We are extremely excited to launch the ScotShop and already have a lot of material from some fantastic artists, which will be added in the coming weeks.  But, we are especially grateful to Chris Cowie, a 20 year veteran of the music scene, to allow his new album to be exclusively sold in Scotcoin for 6 months, before he passes it on to a major music label.  We do hope this will encourage others to contact us and get there material listed here.  This will really help to build up ScotShop, and will provide those artists with some great exposure to new audiences in Scotland and around the world.”.

Chris Cowie, added “I really believe in decentralized crypto-currencies and with the advent of Scotcoin, this felt like the right thing to do for me. If this small gesture helps spread the word about Scotcoin, and crypto currencies in general, I will be happy. Hopefully by me doing this it will also encourage others to get involved.”

Chris Cowie ft Rai – Blip | Download Cost Ⓢ1,000


  1. Blurry
  2. Dexters
  3. Don’t Get It
  4. Fractals
  5. Get On With It
  6. LE Bush
  7. Love Trak Rework
  8. Night Moves Alt
  9. Ring Master
  10. We Like The Music


BLIP was brought about by Cowie’s subterranean interest to make a full vocal album and Skotarczyk’s need to make an original album similar to Kings Of Convenience – DJ Kicks. Cowie,
Raihaving always been drawn to less obvious hit records like Human Leagues – The Lebanon or Killing Joke – Love Like Blood, saw this potential in Rai, who’s natural style is a less obvious degree of indie pop. The entire process required both Cowie and Rai to completely destroy habitual approaches to music. Breaking the mould and rebuilding from scratch brought some uncomfortable moments and much personal reflection. But determination prevailed and eventually they let the songs speak for themselves. By listening to the muses, the art then dictated the artists and BLIP took on a personality all it’s own.

Rather than strive for hits, they focused on the subtleties of what makes an album great. Because of this, there is much to peel back for the listener. While BLIP does have the traditional structure of a synth pop album and hints at an 80′s influence, it is far from typical. It’s message, though deliberate, is open to interpretation and will lead the listener to the cutting-edge of musical exploration. Expect the unexpected with a range of sounds from house, techno and straight electronic as your guide.


SCOTCOIN 2The Scotcoin, Project, in partnership with CoinWallet.co has launched the first Online Wallet service for Scotcoin users.  The wallet is compatible on all devices including IPhone, iTouch, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android & many more formats.  The wallet also lists another 10 crpyto-currencies which the user can store their coins on, including Litecoin, Darkcoin & Dogecoin.
Derek Nisbet, Founder of The Scotcoin Project said “This is a huge step forward for the Scotcoin eco-system as it now truly allows our user base to become 100% mobile and purchase goods & services on the go, with ease.  We have also ensured that transactions will be confirmed in the quickest possible way, so this can really help to grow the retail aspect of Scotcoin”.
Click Below to Register Your Account…

CoinWallet.co Main Features

Create up to 50 labelled wallet addresses
Add unlimited address book entries
Make payments quickly and easily
Support for multiple Altcoins esp. Scotcoin
Make Scotcoin payments from any computer

bluesuper_new“Supercoin, a X11 crypto coin, announced that they are finishing the last details on the new p2p decentralized trustless system and launching the new wallet with “SuperSend Trustless” on August 25th.

“SuperSend Trustless” is based on multisig technology and provides anonymous transactions to Supercoin users.

Supercoin recently announced completion of the initial implementation of the p2p decentralized trustless system and beta testing of “SuperSend Trustless” will start on SuperCoin’s network on August 20th.

The whitepaper has been published with a detailed demonstration of the algorithm used in SuperCoin’s new trustless system.”

Supercoin website :

Supercoin Bitcointalk thread:

SCOTCOIN 2As founder of this project, I wanted to comment on what I perceive to be misinformation being portrayed right now by the mainstream media and affiliated ‘political’ parties on such an important issue – please bare with me – This is a one time post – thanks….

The ‘point’ of money, or currency in the ‘Scottish Debate’ was always going to raise its ugly head in this discussion, prior to this ‘manufactured’ scenario in September – and I would like to contribute my 5 cents, not for any political or other reason, other than a concerned Scot, that has worked in the financial community for 15 years+ Nothing more! The potential outcome on ‘Scottish Money’ has always been apparent to me – it’s either backed by …..

1) The privately owned ‘Bank of England”, or
2) backed by the same ‘lot’, just it’s Brussels/Frankfurt, and its named the Euro – either way its a lose/lose with regards to progression for a, so called, ‘Independent Nation’.

On creating Scotcoin, I didn’t set out to ‘conquer’ the country – moreso, I just needed to prove how very easy it was to create a monetary system that ‘could’ work and be based on a finite economy (Ⓢ1BN).

To which, businesses and consumers, would know their inflationary/deflationary cost and could deal with this aspect so much easier than the mess of the current global financial ‘money printing’ ‘Keynesian economics’ based system.

Basically, create No Debt Issuance (Only Ⓢ Credit), Therefore, Create No Interest on Debt (Usury) = No Problem!. If a Scottish currency could be issued as credit, work in tandem with an ‘e-Currency’ and be backed with something Tangible (i.e. Silver coinage), then there is a real opportunity to create an economy, that is, not only investable, but also, able to flourish and grow, to become a leading nation, acquiring outward investment based on the monetary stability of the currency, and acceptability in the global FX markets.

In summary – A ‘Scotcoin’ (or similar crypto currency) backed by a tangible asset (like Silver/Oil/Agriculture), with monetary policy being issued in a form of Credit (Not Debt/Usury) from the Government (and not a private banking cartel) could transform Scotland “Overnight”.

I hope we all can see this… Thank you for reading.

Derek Nisbet

Founder, Scotcoin.org

scrpytThe Scrypt-Mine is a fully managed and hosted Scrypt mining project with planned capacity of 200 GH/s of Scrypt hashing power within 6-8 weeks.

The Scrypt-Mine is based on ultra high performance Scrypt Asic Mining with a fully managed Mining System. This system allows us to mine always the most profitable scrypt coins.

Each share equals to 814 KH/s of mining power on our SCRYPT mining rigs..

• 1 MH/S of mining power on SCRYPT Mining is 0.0491 BTC or 0.81466 shares..

• 1 Share of the 1. Round is just 0.0400 BTC.

The IPO is divided into 10 rounds 24,500 shares each round. Price of the 1. Round is 0,0400 BTC per share of the www.scrypt-mine.com

Total Hashrate of the Scrypt Mine will be 200 GH/s = 200.000 MH/s or KH/s only for the mining of Scrypt Coins Mining. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin….

The price of the shares will start from 0.0400 BTC per share at Round 1. The shares will be offered in incremental batches of 24.550 shares.

Each batch will be offered at an increased rate of 0.001 BTC. This means the first batch of 24.550 shares will be sold at 0.0400 BTC, the second batch of 24.550 shares at 0.0410 BTC, the third of 24.550 shares at 0.0420 BTC and so on at: https://BitcoinBourse.eu Under ticker “SM” (Scrypt-Mine).


BitStars_Newsletter_MegaWin_v2A Bitstar has been born as a lucky bitstars.net player sets a new record for the bitcoin casino, walking away with a mega win of 66.96 BTC on Sunday the 3rd of August at around 10:30 pm.

Monday, August 05, 2014 – A prize won on one of Amatic’s new releases Eye of Ra on bitstars.net has been officially recognized as the largest payout to date in this ever-growing bitcoin casino.

The casino’s record prize of 66.96 BTC – equivalent to $40,000 – was won by a lucky player who was trying his luck on some of the new games released just a few days earlier. In what would probably prove to be the spin of his life, he managed to turn a 0.03 BTC stake into a 66.96 BTC win on the slot Eye of Ra.

Eye of Ra is a new 5 reel multi game with a new exciting reel layout (3-4-5-4-3) that increases your chances to win while making it easy to follow all 720 ways to win. With a bit of luck the game brings about lots of bonus spins and it also pays out on any position from left to right.

The Head of Bitstars, Nikolica Vadaski commented, “It’s great for Bitstars.net to bring forward such happy moments but even better to be acknowledged for such a juicy payout. We work extremely hard to deliver online entertainment with big payouts and the fastest withdrawals. It’s a tremendous accolade for the site and we’re proud to be part of this ever growing bitcoin casino”.

We caught up with the winner Jon about this fantastic win and asked him a few questions. Here is what he thought.

He said “I could not believe what was happening, as soon as it happened I got extremely excited and realized I would have a problem sleeping that night. All I could think about was what I was going to do with the money’’

How did you come about this win, what exactly happened?

I was playing Eye of Ra, got bonus spins and all of a sudden all the wilds lined up including two bonus ones. I saw 180,000 X 600, 4500 X 800. I was making sure my math was correct, thought I was jumping up and down for maybe 6 BTC.

How did you feel as soon as you realized how much you had won?

I felt great, especially with the fact that although bitstars are relatively new, they were very quick and professional in the way they effected my pay-out. They really made me feel like a VIP player.

How did you get to know about bitstars?

Bitstars came across my radar in trying to find the best Slots, which in fact I have done successfully! This casino is a sure winner.

What is your favourite game?
Billyonaire – (link- https://www.bitstars.net/games/amatic/Billyonaire/200?force_fun=true)

Have you decided what are you going to do with the money now?

Yes, I am going to hold onto the BTC for future appreciation. I am pretty sure that the value of the BTC is going to go up just like its popularity has recorded very rapid growth.

Bitstars.net is one of the leading bitcoin casinos in the market, always on the forefront of releasing new and exciting games, added entertainment, new product lines and secure play for all its players.


Find out more about Bitcoins Here and be sure to keep on the look-out for bitstars.net news in the coming weeks for all that is still to come.

Press contact:
Nikolica Vadaski
Head of Bitstars

cryptoCryptoNote was designed as a useful tool to help people separate themselves from the current financial system of total control and surveillance. The ultimate goal of the CryptoNote platform is the widespread recognition of the technology through the development and marketing support of those willing to take on the current financial system. Obviously, Bitcoin is leading the market at the moment; however CryptnoNote, along with the other innovative platforms such as Ripple and NXT, are pushing hard to be acknowledged as new generation solutions. The recently announced CryptoNoteStarter is yet another step on the way to making the CryptoNote technology universally accepted. To launch new CryptoNote-based coins, CryptoNoteStarter will help you through the necessary stages of development. The interface is implemented as a step-by-step guide, starting with preps and finishing off with a block genesis. For more details, please visit https://cryptonotestarter.org

Among the notable cryptocoins created with CryptoNote technology, Bytecoin (BCN) stands out as the first attempt at making anonymous transactions not just a marketing hype but a genuine and usable feature. With its launch in 2012, Bytecoin has been gaining recognition within crypto-community while taking the CryptoNote technology to a whole new level.

While a number of technologies offer an anonymous transactions feature, only a handful of them are actually capable of concealing the parties involved in a transaction. The most prominent of all is CoinJoin. The idea is that several users wanting to send funds co-ordinate their intentions by collating the inputs to their transactions so that a “master transaction” can be built. However, CoinJoin is incapable by design of offering 100% anonymity due the fact that Master Nodes (coordinators for the currency’s payment system) can be compromised by someone with sufficient determination and resources.

CryptoNote, on the other hand, has a proven case of being able to provide untraceable and absolutely anonymous transactions. The centerpiece of the CryptoNote protocol is its ring signature technology. This scheme makes it possible to sign a message on behalf of a group and while it’s clear that a transaction is taking place, nobody will be able to pinpoint the transfer to a specific individual. The CryptoNote protocol also makes it possible for transactions to be untraceable. Payments are split up between multiple one-time addresses that can only be received by the person who has the correct public key. In other words, whoever happens to be watching won’t be able to determine the amount of a transaction.

Many things have been said about the analysis of the Bitcoin’s blockchain. The money flow, wallet balances, the identities of the owners and many other things can be determined easily through this method. The ability to conduct such analysis is due to the fact that all of the transfers between addresses are transparent i.e. every input in a transaction refers to a unique output. Moreover, users often re-use their old addresses, which simplifies the analysis even more. CryptoNote however is designed to mitigate the risks associated with key re-usage and one-input-to-one-output tracing. Every address for a payment is a unique one-time key, derived from both the sender’s and the recipient’s data. Blockchain analysis for CryptoNote-based coins would be confronted with a number of hurdles, since one time addresses with mixed keys in ring signatures would lead them nowhere.

Simply put, CryptoNote offers completely anonymous financial transactions. Those looking to keep regulators’ prying eyes out of their businesses will likely turn to existing CryptoNote-based currencies, or use CryptoNoteStarter to launch their own.


Asmoney.com_-300x122AsMoney is the newest and unique digital currency system that has hit the online market and can be used as payment processor for Litecoin and Bitcoin because it’s an E-currecny system based on cryptocurrencies.

AsMoney is a Trademark that belongs to AMN Technologies Company. It was registered in England at 2013. Gintatus Vileita, the CEO of the company, said:

” We’re planning to create three main features that make easy access to Bitcoin , while payments are still private and anonymous. this three features are : 1) Web based access to make transactions with every device without downloading gigs of blocks 2) A secure and free payment gateway to automatically accept payments online. 3) A programming interface to automate the process of sending and receiving payments with access to payment resources programmatically.”

In recent years, many users are inclined to use cryptocurrencies against e-currency because the source of money is not specified in traditional E-currencies. If a user wants to convert his/her electronic money into paper money, he/she will have to sell his/her balance to someone or make a withdrawal via bank wire transfer. Although, Currency Exchanges are willing to buy e-currencies but governments can easily track money transfers due to their traditional nature, which caused the shutdown of Liberty Reserve system and enormous loss of money in this system in 2013.

On the other hand, it is required to have a Wallet service provider or pay large costs for services like merchant for online sale, mass payment and support in cryptocurrency systems. Whereas, AsMoney provides its users with all of the services of E-currency systems for free, while it can also be transferred from / transferred to cryptocurrencies.

Through AsMoney, people are offered with simpler ways of sending money with no need to share any pertinent financial information. It also offers a remarkable flexibility to pay with the use of their account balances, Litcoin, Bitcoin or any promotional financing.

The website is fully dedicated in its commitment to all its members through the exceptional 24/7 customer support that they offer. AsMoney values their members and that is why they strive to make sure that every concern or query will be addressed right away, no matter what time of the day it might be.

As Bitcoin become more and more common in different transactions online, AsMoney can make it easier for Bitcoin users to complete their payments and get paid easily with no need to worry about security issues and online facilities. Every member of AsMoney can active SMS login to protect their balances from theft and hackers, When someone tries to enter his account , AsMoney send a message to the client’s mobile device showing the Pin needed to authorize the attempted transaction.

AsMoney will continually aim for innovation to be able to meet and satisfy the demand of people for better and cheaper digital eCurrency system. The security of those people who love to do some business transactions became a part of the main priorities of AsMoney developers. Developers of AsMoney are expert, well-experienced and professional people who aim to meet and satisfy the demand of the people for an excellent digital eCurrency system.


execoinExecoin (http://execoin.net), the fast ASIC-resistant crypto currency, proudly presents the first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology! After months of intensive development, the Execoin team has released its own open-source implementation of stealth addresses technology based on the Electrum-EXE wallet (http://electrum-exe.org/stealth). Unlike proprietary closed-source stealth payment solutions currently available on the market, the Electrum-EXE code can be audited in order to make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities or intentional backdoors . Integration of Electrum wallet and stealth payments provides unique features and offers more security, reliability, and convenience for payment transactions. Electrum-EXE wallet now heads the line of Execoin’s SPV wallets (Exelite and Android mobile wallet) and will be a base for a newer mobile Android wallet with stealth transactions support.

Privacy: stealth transactions and Electrum wallet are better together.

What are stealth payments? “Stealth payments” is a technique that protects the privacy of a recipient involved in a transaction. It allows one to accept coins using a public coin address while preventing anyone else from knowing your transaction history. When you receive some coins without using stealth technology all transaction information is open to the public, and everyone can track it in the blockchain. With stealth technology this information is securely protected with a key so that only the person involved in the transaction can view and track it. The Secret key allowing one to see the transaction is not stored on a server. That’s why it is reliable and truly secure. The only information that can be seen in the blockchain without the secret key is the time and amount sent, all other recipients’ details are cloaked.

Execoin’s stealth technology is unique because it is integrated with the new Electrum-EXE wallet to add even more reliability, security and convenience to stealth payments. In addition, Execoin’s Electrum-EXE is the first open-source fully functional wallet with stealth addresses support. While security of using proprietary closed-source stealth payments’ solutions may be questioned, open-source Electrum-EXE wallet with stealth addresses code can be audited anytime.

Why are stealth transactions even better with Electrum-EXE?

Improved reliability. It allows you to restore stealth addresses from a single mnemonic phrase that you can memorize or write on a piece of paper. If you make a mistake, you will never lose your data; your wallet and your coins are securely protected in a way that ordinary wallets simply cannot provide! And you don’t need to perform regular backups of your wallet data!

Amazing speed. Execoin is a fast coin and transactions are performed quickly. However, any wallet client needs a significant amount of time to sync with the blockchain. This time is far shorter for a lightweight wallet like Exelite but it still takes several minutes before it’s ready to use. With Electrum-EXE you can do stealth transactions immediately after launch, no more delays!

Freedom of access. You can access your wallet and make stealth transactions from any computer where Electrum-EXE is installed, since you can safely restore your wallet on any computer using your secret phrase without physically moving your data! This operation is absolutely secure; no private keys are stored on servers.

Highest security level. Electrum-EXE allows you to split your wallet into an offline “cold storage” wallet which contains your private keys and an online “view only” wallet that only contains your public keys. Your Execoins are absolutely protected by your private keys in the offline wallet on a separate computer that never connects to the Internet, and thus are not accessible for hackers’ attacks.

Safety. Your private keys, including stealth ones are protected with a password and cannot be stolen! Your private keys are not shared with the server and a compromised server cannot compromise your wallet.

What advantages does the Execoin stealth technology give to users and merchants?

Electrum-EXE with Stealth allows merchants to keep their privacy while still receiving EXE payments and coin transfers. In addition, it provides the highest level of security and protection from accidental data loss. It’s ready to use immediately after launch, so you don’t need to wait, and can perform stealth payments immediately. Merchants can easily add Execoin support to their payment systems using coinpayments.net or a one-click solution provided by C-CEX. Together with Execoin’s fast transactions, this makes EXE a perfect payment tool for everyday transactions.

Future plans and development of Execoin

The Execoin development team has many goals to improve Execoin and make it even better. We’re constantly working on new features, implementing new technologies, and releasing increasingly more advanced wallet clients. An update is in the works that will completely replace the Kimoto Gravity Well difficulty retarget algorithm. KGW has vulnerability, is too processor-intensive, and slows down the wallets; also there will be measures implemented to make Execoin an even more rare coin, and to balance coin production depending on the net hashrate. Our team is also working on porting CarbonWallet to Execoin.  In addition, we are going to create our own JS wallets for mobile devices (iOS and Android) with stealth transactions support.

Key features

  • Fast transactions
  • Scrypt-ASIC resistance
  • Privacy: first Electrum wallet with Stealth addresses support
  • First open-source wallet with stealth addresses
  • Variety of advanced wallets (Electrum-EXE, Exelite Java wallet, Android wallet)
  • Most coins are already mined (new reward system limits the inflation)

Scotcoin now ranked 38th at Cryptocoinrank with a Market Cap of $454,000


Scotcoin hits $200K Marketcap and is listed in 74th place on Coinmarketcap.com


Buy, Sell & Trade Scotcoin at Swisscex & Comkort.com


Anonibet.com Bet with BitcoinAnonibet, the first and oldest Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino, is proud to announce the lauch of our Affiliate program, where we are offering stellar rates for those who help in directing potential customers to the leader of the Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino Industry.

For those who will join, you have your work cut out as you will be promoting something that is well established and is bound to last long. The aim of our affiliate Program is not only to widen our marketing platform, but it is also  promote our payment method Bitcoin.

The registration process is easy and all terms relating to it can be found on the Anonibet Affiliate home page.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our affiliates. please click the following link to register and start earning Bitcoins:



 Scotcoin Newsletter July ’14


Welcome to the first Scotcoin Newsletter – a once per month update, reporting on everything that’s happening (or about to happen!) in the Scotcoin world.

Firstly, if you’re wondering why you received this email, your email address was added as you signed up for Free Scotcoin during our airdrops. Should you not wish to receive this monthly update – please unsubscribe below and we will not contact you again.

If you decide to ‘hang around’, we are extremely excited to report on the progress of Scotcoin, in only 3 months since inception, and hope to keep the Scotcoin community informed of all the latest updates and innovations via this method of communication (as well as via our Website, Facebook & Twitter accounts).

We intend to build out this newsletter with some great Content, News, Technical Releases, Business Updates, Exclusive Special Promotions & a whole lot more.  Please, read on….

Scotcoin News

- Following the successful airdrop of circa 75% of all pre-mined Scotcoins, the final totals were:-

  • 743 became Scotcoin Millionaires
  • 247 became 100K’aires 

So, almost 1,000 people at, least, were included in the airdrop & now have Scotcoins, not to mention the many more that have received Scotcoins from their friends or via the Free Scotcoin Tap - quite an achievement to date.  Let’s get to 5,000 now!

- The Scotcoin QT Wallet downloads exceed 3,000 and with the addition of the Android Wallet, adoption is growing daily.

- The excellent Free Scotcoin Tap website is steadily growing and is currently receiving 300+ unique visitors per day.  Plus, has been offering an excellent reward bonus, based on a multiplier to the payout rate for every Netherlands goal!  Check it out.

- We are in final beta testing of an Online Wallet Solution which will be compatible on ALL DEVICE FORMATS and hope to roll this out early July.

- Two Facebook communities have been established, The Scotcoin Alliance & A Sensible Debate about Scotcoin.  Please join these groups and become part of the community.

- We have established ScotLocal – A meetup group which aims to connect Scotcoin communities from all over Scotland.  Please sign up today, and if you would like to become an organizer in your area, please get in touch and we can add you & feature your local events.

- We have allocated 50 Million Scotcoins To ScotFund: A new initiative aimed at increasing Scotcoin adoption via local Scottish communities.  More details and how to apply can be found at scotcoin.org

- We are also pleased to welcome two new mining pools into the Scotcoin ecosystem GMT Public & Scotmine.  Both these pools allow anyone to mine for Scotcoin and will be offering some good incentives and rewards, as well as excellent information on how to mine soon.  Please check them out.

- And finally, big shout to the Scotcoin Classifieds team, who have on-boarded around 15 – 20 businesses from all over Scotland, which accept Scotcoin – a huge achievement and great work.  Check them out and get your business listed today!

Scotcoin Classifieds


That’s all for this month, we wanted to keep this brief!

Please share this newsletter with friends and also share a few Scotcoins as well.  The more folks that receive coins, the more this concept can grow.

If you would like to contribute to this newsletter, please get in touch.

We hope you are enjoying the Scotcoin ride, so far!

Best regards

The Scotcoin Project Team





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Join ScotLocal.com Building Scotcoin Communities
Kickstart your Scotcoin idea with ScotFund
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SCOTCOIN 2This group is open to anyone that is interested in the newly launched Scottish based crypto currency – Scotcoin.

It is hoped that we will create many events throughout Scotland in the future, therefore, we would like to invite possible admins from areas all over Scotland to get in touch.

We want to add as many admins to this group as possible, so it can grow and run itself in the future all over Scotland – if you would like to become an admin for your area and create some wonderful Scotcoin related events, please get in touch.

 Goto http://scotlocal.com

yesbitcoinyesbitcoin Plans to Make Bitcoin a Household Name

Seeks to Become the Retail Face of Bitcoin

(6/23/2014) St. Paul, MN, USA – Today yesbitcoin, a non-profit organization, announced its plan to launch as the leading strategic, consumer- and merchant-facing communications effort on behalf of the world’s most prominently accepted cryptocurrency: bitcoin. yesbitcoin will focus primarily on driving understanding and acceptance of bitcoin as a mainstream consumer technology for everyday commerce.

yesbitcoin fills a desperate need in the Bitcoin ecosystem,” said Branden Petersen, Executive Director and Founder of yesbitcoin. “Bitcoin remains an enigma to the mainstream consumer marketplace despite exponential growth in venture capital and number of commercial business entities. Bitcoin investors, users and commercial interests are depending on the adoption of bitcoin, with upside value heavily dependent upon its use as a currency in the everyday marketplace. In order for this to happen, the broader community of diverse interests must communicate effectively to the marketplace at-large.”

Regarding yesbitcoin’s space in the consumer marketplace, Petersen stated, “Consumers and merchants are accustomed to advertising communications from the financial service industry. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other financial service providers have been selling the benefits of their products for decades, and have paved the path that bitcoin must travel. We seek to serve in this capacity on behalf of bitcoin, with “retail” communications efforts that can be easily understood by consumers and business owners everywhere.” yesbitcoin will be funded by contributing launch sponsors as well as ongoing contributions from the community.

yesbitcoin is the first global, consumer-facing nonprofit organization committed to demystifying the Bitcoin economy, and increasing understanding, acceptance and use of Bitcoin. The yesbitcoin mission is to immediately become the solution to the problem of decentralized interest and lack of focused, strategic advocacy. yesbitcoin will operate in a collaborative, non-territorial and transparent manner. We will continue in the tradition of the broader Bitcoin community, and work with all interests to advance our cause.

For more information, visit www.yesbitcoin.org or email admin@yesbitcoin.org. Follow us on Twitter at @yesbitcoin and Facebook at www.facebook.com/yesbitcoin.